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Vehicle traffic counts stopped at a particular set of lights.
Radio frequency (RF) transmission circuitry (240) on the approaching vehicle (110) is responsive to the congestion zone indication signals to transmit and receive RF signals to and from other vehicles on the guide path (102). The approaching vehicle (110) performs various collision avoidance operations as determined by the received RF signals.
Technology used:
The lighting device and method of this invention makes the wheel well areas of a vehicle available for displaying messages and graphical indicia. The lighting device also allows the wheel well to be illuminated during normal and emergency repairs when insufficient light is available. The lighting device further enhances the appearance of the vehicle and will attract the attention of others. The lighting device can have a sensor to monitor the rotation of the tire and has a pulse modulator to synchronize light flashes from a flash generator with information a sidewall of the tire. The tire will appear to be stopped. A stroboscopic flash tube is used to provide bright flashes of light for a short duration to illuminate the wheel well including the tire. A number of different indicia can be displayed on each tire by modulating the frequency and the phase angle of the light flashes.

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