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TRIP Consultants Corp., established in 1988, is a leading North-American company that specializes in the field of Data acquisition Services for traffic monitoring systems. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York City, TRIP Consultants provides services to clients in the US and Canada.

The demands for traffic data have changed dramatically over the years and so have the ways in which data is being collected. Innovations and improvements in technology affect the way in which the business of data collection and processing is healed. Clearly, traffic data acquisition, whether for private or public agencies, must be performed within the current fiscal and technological environment that exists. Firms specializing in professional traffic data collection services must be able to provide these services in a competitive manner while maintaining the integrity of the data for its ultimate use(s).

TRIP Consultants Corp. can provide the quantity and quality of traffic required in a timely and cost-effective manner. We maintain a complete inventory of state-of-the-art data collection and processing equipment combined with the latest models and versions of in-house computer facilities and data processing software. In addition, our modem, fax and communication services enables quick and efficient means of data transfer, thereby enhancing project management and control, even for out-of-state and/or overseas projects.

We have successfully completed numerous projects throughout the greater New York Metropolitan area for prestigious clients, including state and county departments of transportation. TRIP Consultants Corp. is currently under contract with the MTA Bridges and Tunnels to provide extensive counting services but has also recently been retained to provide services for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, NYC DOT and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Each of TRIP Consultants Corp.’s staff has many years of training and hands on experience. Quality is further assured by having a president of the firm himself being a Traffic Engineer with a Masters degree in Transportation Engineering from Polytechnic University, New York. Our firm also has the unique capability to mobilize large number surveyors to accommodate the needs of large projects requiring expeditious schedules.

TRIP Consultants Corp. is intimately familiar with the FHWA’s Traffic Monitoring Guidelines and the Safety Guidelines (OSHA) of many states when performing field data collection. Safety is our number one concern. We carry adequate insurance coverage to indemnify our clients against incurred losses and liability. We maintain a fleet of adequately outfitted vehicles for fieldwork, and also for the transportation of surveyors. In addition, for maintenance and protection of traffic, we have our own signs, flags, cones, vests, helmets and vehicle-mounted arrow boards to ensure safety of the surveyors and the traveling public. We are also familiar with the procedures and are experienced in setting up work zones in accordance with the MUTCD, and in obtaining lane closure permits for equipment, maintenance and removal.

Because the issue of safety is a particular concern amongst our clients, TRIP Consultants Corp. has made a significant commitment and has invested in company-wide training and certification of its staff in work zone safety, flagging procedures and equipment evaluation to ensure complete compliance with the latest guidelines and procedures as they relate to safety. Well-known experienced professionals have conducted the courses and compliance reviews. These former NYSDOT personnel commonly provide certification training and courses to public agencies throughout the metropolitan area.

We are confident that our skills and prior experience would prove that we could successfully undertake any project size and provide the County with the data they need in a timely and cost effective manner.

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