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Lincoln Tunnel Traffic Simulation Study

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
(May – June 2005)
ATR and Manual Counts
Company Name: KLD Associates, Inc.
47 Mall Drive- Suite 8
Commack, NY 11725
Tel.: (631) 543-6500
Reference: Mr. Murat Aycin

Cost: $106,565

Road transportation, that is, efficient movement of people and goods through physical road and street networks is a fascinating problem. Traffic systems are characterised by a number of features that make them hard to analyze, control and optimise. The systems often cover wide physical areas, the number of active participants is high, the goals and objectives of the participants are not necessarily parallel with each other or with those of the system operator (system optimum vs. user optimum), and there are many system inputs that are outside the control of the operator and the participants (the weather conditions, the number of users, etc.).
In addition, road and street transportation systems are inherently dynamic in nature, that is, the number of units in the system varies according to the time, and with a considerable amount of randomness. The great number of active participants at present at the same time in the system means a great number of simultaneous interactions.
Transportation systems are typical man-machine systems, that is, the activities in the system include both human interaction (interaction between driver-vehicle-elements) and man-machine-interactions (driver interaction with the vehicle, with the traffic information and control system and with the physical road and street environment).
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